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Design Plans & Engineering

Hemlock Contracting is now offering design plans for your next project.

These designs are made in-house and are highly detail oriented. Plans help our clients visualize the future construction at hand and bring their dream projects to life.

These designs also help us convey to the clients what we envision and can further aid the construction process in making changes to the client's wants and needs.

Hemlock Contracting wants you to know we are more than just a contracting company.

Who better to build the plans than the people bringing them to life?

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About Our Designs

We offer 1 free consultation to see if we are a good fit for you! We accept designs of all different projects, in all different sizes!

3D CAD (computer-aided design) is a type of technology used to create realistic three-dimensional prototypes of objects. We utilize this technology to bring life-like designs we can share with our clients.

We also use 2D building plans. 2D Building Plans are a more basic illustration that gives a simple overview of the project at hand. This can include anything from door and window placements to landscaping and layouts.

Our Process

Step 1

To get started, we set up an initial consultation to go over what the client is looking for and all the important details needed to construct the design they’re seeking. These details can be verbalized and or examples of what they want are helpful!

Step 2

We then take that information and start building prototypes.

Step 3

From there, the client receives them and is now able to further change anything about the design they don’t like or may want to alter.

Step 4

Finally, the client receives their final design and can now take it off of paper, into their home!